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Mary Aloe speaks about one of her most socially recognizable films. Numb, starring Matthew Perry, touches on a very debilitating disorder – depersonalization-derealization syndrome. Depersonalization disorder is associated with cognitive disruptions in early perceptual and attention related processes. Experiences of this condition have been experienced by the majority of the populace in varying frequencies and intensities. Have you ever experienced feelings of depersonalization?

Please watch this short interview with Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment to learn more about this great film:

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Aloe Entertainment Announces Launch of Newly Designed Website

At you can learn just about everything there is to know about Mary Aloe’s prolific Aloe Entertainment. The site has been given a face-lift and now contains even more information and resources than ever before. Please, do not hesitate to visit the official home page for Aloe Entertainment, a Los Angeles based production company.

The atmosphere at Aloe Entertainment is  one of  gratitude  and excitement  as  the Aloe Entertainment team is revving up.

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