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Mary Lionsgate Entertainment will have a 2000 screen domestic theatrical release in the USA. The biblical epic Mary, in association with Aloe Entertainment, stars Odeya Rush as Mary , Peter O’Toole as Symeon and Julia Ormond as Elizabeth. In this film you will see that Sir Ben Kingsley plays as Herod and even Kellan Lutz as Gabriel. Mary shoots in Malta and the Middle East. John Debney ( The Passion of the Christ, Superman, Iron Man) will thrill as the film’s composer.


Paul Lauer (Motive Marketing) is serving as the Marketing Director, running a grass roots campaign similar to the ones he’s run on The Passion of the ChristChronicles of Narnia, and the recent record-breaking miniseries The Bible, and Bob Angelotti is working with Paul, particularly in outreach to Catholics and other Christian groups. Joel Osteen has signed on this film as Executive Producer and has committed. Joel’s and Lakewood’s global marketing and promotion mechanism behind Mary, bringing the feature to millions of homes a week in over 100 hundred countries and over 40 million pod cast on a weekly basis.


This New Testament drama, action, and overall bio-pic is a linear unfolding of Mary and Joseph’s life in high action drama. Against the supreme leadership of Herod the Great and against all odds they survive as young parents in one of the most treacherous times in history. It is a part of Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ’s life that has not been revealed on the big blockbuster screen before. It is Mary’s story from her youth to her struggles as a young woman caring for her baby. Remaining true to the bible, the audience will experience a breakdown of Mary’s story at ages 13, 15, 19 and 27 which will come alive in chronological order using the power of film to make viewers feel as if they were experiences the joys and the tragedy as if in real life. The writers have chosen to keep this a youth based project with Joseph depicted at ages 17, 21 and 29. Joseph is Mary’s childhood companion and and a true soul mate who willingly undertakes his role as a lifelong partner and protector for Mary and their child. Watch as they flee from a ruthless, wealthy and powerful king that will stop at nothing to locate and take down the New Messiah himself.