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Superheroes are being elbowed out by Noah and Mary as Hollywood makes 2014 year of the biblical epic!

Superheroes are being elbowed out by Noah and Mary as Hollywood makes 2014 year of the biblical epic

Mary Mother of Christ, whose title character will be played by Odeya Rush Photo: Rex Features

The saint-like image of a hooded woman looms out from the movie poster, her arms outstretched as a divine light bursts from the sky. A message written above is simple and unambiguous: “You Will Believe.”

So goes the promotional campaign for the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster Mary Mother of Christ. “It is a part of Mary, Joseph and Jesus’s life that has not been shown on the big screen before,” reads a synopsis. “Under the reign of terror of Herod the Great and, against all odds, they survive as young parents in one of the most treacherous times in history.” It promises “faith-based high action drama” − and there is no room in the audience for doubting Thomases.

Mary Mother of Christ, whose title character will be played by Odeya Rush, a 16-year-old Israeli-born actress, is one of a series of unashamedly Christian biblical epics due to appear next year, marking an unprecedented overture by Hollywood to America’s evangelical heartland.

Studio executives who have spent the past few years releasing superhero and zombie films have, it seems, had an epiphany. Now their new best friends are evangelical pastors whose endorsements they actively seek, even inviting them on to sets during production. Pastors in turn play clips from films of which they approve to 10,000-strong congregations on 40ft wide movie screens.

Larry Ross, who has handled publicity for Christian groups and leaders including Rick Warren and Billy Graham, said “no pastor goes to seminary in order to market movies” but if the movie “proves edifying to their congregation, if it builds their faith”, they would recommend it.

In March audiences will be treated to Noah, a $150million special effects-laden extravaganza, in which Russell Crowe will build an ark and rescue mankind from the Great Flood. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson will play his adopted daughter, and Sir Anthony Hopkins is portraying Methuselah. The ark was built on Long Island, New York.

Noah will be followed by Sir Ridley Scott’s Exodus, in which Christian Bale, as Moses, will part the Red Sea. Scenes from ancient Egypt have been reconstructed in southern Spain, with Bale wielding a bow and arrow and Sigourney Weaver playing the Pharaoh’s wife. Scott has described the film, in a less than godly phrase, as “F—— huge”.

Another movie of Moses’s life called Gods and Kings is also planned. Steven Spielberg was due to make it but has been replaced by Ang Lee, who won the Best Director Oscar this year for Life of Pi. Meanwhile, Son of God will tell the story of Jesus’s life, with Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado in the lead role. Will Smith is said to be planning a film based on the story of Cain and Abel, and Brad Pitt is rumoured to be playing Pontius Pilate in a separate project. There will also be Resurrection, in which a Roman soldier is sent to investigate Christ’s death. It has been likened to “Gladiator, with a mystery bent”.

Phil Cooke, a film-maker and media consultant to Christian organisations, said Hollywood’s epiphany had financial, not spiritual, origins. “What’s happened is they’ve understood it’s very good business to take Christians seriously, and this is a real serious market,” he said.

“For years Hollywood bent over backwards to reach special interest groups, be it feminists or environmentalists. It has finally realised that there are 91  million evangelical Christians in America.”

For their part, studio executives have taken something of a leap of faith that films in which religious figures save the world will bring big box office receipts.

That faith is based in no small part on the success of The Bible, a television mini-series shown on the History channel earlier this year, which averaged 11.4 million viewers and became America’s most watched cable show of 2013.

“It made the Bible cool to talk about again,” said Mr Cooke. “The separation of church and state in America is so strong that people had become afraid to talk about God, at work or at school. Suddenly, these Bible stories were water cooler conversation again.”

Since the days of epics such as Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments more than half a century ago, Hollywood and America’s Christian areas have rarely seen eye to eye. A low point was Martin Scorsese’s 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ, which featured sex scenes, and flopped after Roman Catholics led a boycott.

But in 2004 Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ achieved great commercial success, thanks partly to the endorsement of prominent Christians such as Rev Billy Graham. Since then, studios including Warner Bros, Sony and Fox have nurtured faith-based audiences. They have created “faith” divisions and employed Bible scholars to check scripts. “Mega-church” pastors have been invited to preview films months before their release.

Websites have also been created for pastors to download trailers to show during sermons. The push includes promoting films with Christian groups globally, particularly in South America and Africa.

However, that audience is knowledgeable about the subject matter and Hollywood is wrestling with questions of dramatic licence. One of next year’s epics has already run into controversy. Test screenings for Noah with a Christian audience in Arizona, and a Jewish audience in New York, reportedly produced troubling results. It has been suggested that the film shows Noah as an early opponent of climate change. Its director, Darren Aronofsky, has called him the “first environmentalist”.

Brian Godawa, a screenwriter, claimed to have read an early version of the script and said it portrayed a scenario in which the Great Flood was caused by man’s “disrespect” for the environment. Paramount, the studio behind Noah, remains adamant that it will sail on to success.

Whatever happens, Noah will have the same advantage for studios as the other biblical epics. Unlike movies based on superheroes, or the latest literary sensation such as Fifty Shades of Grey, the studios will not have to pay millions of dollars in copyright and licensing fees. The stories in the Bible are free to use.


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What’s New with Mary Aloe?


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Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment  is excited to  confirm MARY/ Lionsgate  begins  pre production  January of 2014.  The  American Film Market ( AFM)  was a great success for Mary Aloe Entertainment’s  team did who  did  a terrific job in promoting the film for Aloe Entertainment. MARY  (the film based on the mother of Jesus)  is anticipating a great presentation from producer Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment in association with Lionsgate. The movie is a youth based biblical epic ticking clock, with Mary and Jesus on the run with their baby Jesus,  whilst  Herod  the mad, rich power king is trying to hunt them down to find  “the new Messiah.”  It is the greatest  victorious true ” underdog” story of all time!

In addition to the highly anticipated film MARY, Mary Aloe Entertainment just  sold two  tv series. One series with Mary Aloe producer is  a faith based series  and one  is about America’s number one  bomb squad.   The atmosphere at Aloe Entertainment is  one of  gratitude  and excitement  as  the Aloe Entertainment team is revving up for the upcoming year, with three  movies –  WILD OATS shooting in Puerto Rico distributed by Weinstein,  MARY  shooting in Malta  distributed by  Lionsgate,  a third movie calledTHE BLEEDER,  a true story based on one of America’s greatest boxers, starring Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber  shooting  in NYC  next summer. Mary Aloe Entertainment is continuing to build a reputation of excellence. Viewers can expect more great things to come from producer Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team.

Mary, Mother of Christ


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Mary Lionsgate Entertainment will have a 2000 screen domestic theatrical release in the USA. The biblical epic Mary, in association with Aloe Entertainment, stars Odeya Rush as Mary , Peter O’Toole as Symeon and Julia Ormond as Elizabeth. In this film you will see that Sir Ben Kingsley plays as Herod and even Kellan Lutz as Gabriel. Mary shoots in Malta and the Middle East. John Debney ( The Passion of the Christ, Superman, Iron Man) will thrill as the film’s composer.


Paul Lauer (Motive Marketing) is serving as the Marketing Director, running a grass roots campaign similar to the ones he’s run on The Passion of the ChristChronicles of Narnia, and the recent record-breaking miniseries The Bible, and Bob Angelotti is working with Paul, particularly in outreach to Catholics and other Christian groups. Joel Osteen has signed on this film as Executive Producer and has committed. Joel’s and Lakewood’s global marketing and promotion mechanism behind Mary, bringing the feature to millions of homes a week in over 100 hundred countries and over 40 million pod cast on a weekly basis.


This New Testament drama, action, and overall bio-pic is a linear unfolding of Mary and Joseph’s life in high action drama. Against the supreme leadership of Herod the Great and against all odds they survive as young parents in one of the most treacherous times in history. It is a part of Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ’s life that has not been revealed on the big blockbuster screen before. It is Mary’s story from her youth to her struggles as a young woman caring for her baby. Remaining true to the bible, the audience will experience a breakdown of Mary’s story at ages 13, 15, 19 and 27 which will come alive in chronological order using the power of film to make viewers feel as if they were experiences the joys and the tragedy as if in real life. The writers have chosen to keep this a youth based project with Joseph depicted at ages 17, 21 and 29. Joseph is Mary’s childhood companion and and a true soul mate who willingly undertakes his role as a lifelong partner and protector for Mary and their child. Watch as they flee from a ruthless, wealthy and powerful king that will stop at nothing to locate and take down the New Messiah himself.

Downtown: A Street Tale


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Aloe Entertainment presents, Downtown: A Street Tale. In this epic depiction of life on the mean streets of New York City, Angelo (Joey Dedio) struggles to overcome the hardships many face in the ghetto. Angelo along with the help of the director of the Haven House homeless shelter (Genevieve Bujold) strive to do what is right for the children suffering in the streets of downtown New York. Angelo finds it to be rewarding and learns powerful lessons from helping these lost children. With Christmas approaching, will the homeless children find hope and guidance to overcome. Downtown: A Street Tale even delves in the subject of prostitution, drugs, sexually transmitted disease, hunger, poverty and the harsh realities that many Americans face every day.


This film is brought to you in part by Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment.

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Room 401


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From Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher in association with Aloe Entertainment, this made for TV series Room 401 is a gripping, mind bending horror show. Each episode contains 4 scenarios in which innocent bystanders face the illusion of fantastic and seemingly impossible events and circumstances. From the dead rising from the grave to messy chainsaw mishaps to electrifying salon encounters, these onlookers will not believe what they’re seeing!

Room 401 features some of the most talented illusionists in the world; they’ll make you scream, squirm, jump and, yes, even laugh out loud. What you see is exactly what happened — there are no special effects employed, altered images or CGI shown. What happens inside Room 401 unfolds live and how the passers by react is not fabricated. What is happening seems all too real!

Room 401 was brought to you in association with Aloe Entertainment – A Mary Aloe creation.

Aloe Entertainment Presents ‘Tortured’


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Aloe Entertainment presents Tortured, .

Starring Laurence Fishburne and James Cromwell, TORTURED follows the frenetic journey of FBI Agent Kevin Cole, whose father is the Director of the FBI. as Kevin assumes deep undercover in a brutal criminal organization. As Kevin (under the identity of Jimmy Vaughn) tries to penetrate the world’s most powerful crime syndicate run by the infamous Ziggy  the unthinkable occurs upon entering Ziggy’s inner circle. In pursuit of meeting the boss face to face, he is given the task of torturing Ziggy’s accountant Archie Gold. As Kevin tortures Gold, his personal descent begins to blur the line between his father, the FBI and Ziggy’s world of crime.

Brought to you by Aloe Entertainment in association with Tortured Productions, LLC. and Sony Pictures.

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Battle in Seattle


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Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment loves to depict real life drama – continued with the critically hailed  Battle in Seattle produced by Aloe starring Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, Michelle Rodriguez, Woody Harrelson and  Andre 3000. The  story of the one of the  longest and most politically driven riots in America.  Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment proceed with the success of bringing real life stories to the big screen and have found it to be essential to reveal important factual events in our modern history. Battle in Seattle is based on the World Trade Organization riots.

Aloe Entertainment presents Battle in Seattle:

Writer/Director Stuart Townsend brings together this talented ensemble to intertwine different points of view — from protesters and police to delegates and doctors — each of whom intentionally or accidentally find themselves on the streets of Seattle in those last days of the millennium.

Brought to you from Executive Producer Mary Aloe.

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The Princess & The Marine


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Aloe Entertainment presents the made for t.v. film ‘The Princess and The Marine’ which premiered as a major television event movie. The story depicted in this release is based on the true story of the romance between American Marine Jason Johnson and Meriam Al-Khalifa, a Bahraini Princess. Jason, a Latter Day Saint (Mormon), is shunned by the Muslim community due to his faith. His romantic affair with the Princess breaks down this boundary – her being from a prominent Muslim family. Will Jason and Meriam be able to elope to the U.S.?

Watch the full movie:

Aloe Entertainment is proud of this television event, brought to you in 2001 and again in 2013 here on! From Executive Producer Mary L. Aloe.

Hollywood and Wine


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From Aloe Entertainment, Spotlight Pictures presents Hollywood and Wine. Starring Pamela Anderson, Chris Kattan, Nicky Whelan, Vivica A. Fox, Chris Parnell, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, and various other celebs – Hollywood and wine is a comical depiction of what it really means to be an actress. When her boyfriend becomes indebted to a vindictively trigger happy mobster, Diane Blaine must pretend to be Jaime Stephens in order to repay his debt. That is if she adhere’s to her lover boy’s request to get him out of his jam.



Hollywood and Wine is brought to you in part by Aloe Entertainment. Please check out this production on IMDB:

Aloe Entertainment – Cabin Fever 2


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The sequel to Cabin Fever picks up where the first one left off. I’m sure you horror fans remember a certain creek occupied by a certain virus infected body.. Well of course that very creek is the main water supply for a popular water bottling company.

Cabin Fever 2 depicts what happens when the flesh eating virus from Cabin Fever is released upon an unsuspecting community via bottled water. From the producers of Aloe Entertainment comes Cabin Fever 2, starring Michael Bowen, Noah Segan, and various other talents.



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